Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olympia Visit Part 2

Saturday night we had a small bday party for my mom. We had a bbq with too much food.

Here is my deeeelicious fruit dip and fruit (strawberries from Spooners). The pound cake was the first to go (Naseem!).

Papa's bbq chicken.

Cynce's potato salad

Naseem made a blackberry cobbler for dessert.

Cynthia snoozing outside.

enjoying the sunshine
My parents yard is so lush & green - it's a haven for gnomes. I used to search for gnomes & unicorns in the yard when I got home from school. It's a middle child thing.

Remy - zonked out from the heat (& exhausted from searching for gnomes).

Hot Hammish

Papa & Nas were the chefs of the evening.

Papa bbqing the chicken.

Black & White

Do you like butter?

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bgygi said...

Great pix! You summed up the weekend very nicely!! What a fun time :)