Sunday, June 15, 2008

We went over to Frances & Kari's house today for a "Welcome Home Blake" bbq. Blake is F & K's son. He spent the last year working & traveling around the Middle East.Frances & Kari
Guest of Honor - Blake


This is a Boxer named Ray. She was banned to the garage during the bbq. If you look real close you can see her sad face. Don't let the sad face fool you - she's tough (see below).

This is Beau.

Ray (the Boxer in the garage) beat him up yesterday. Beau was allowed to mingle with the guests as he was well behaved.

Frances grilled turkey & hamburgers on his Traeger. He even smoked an apple pie in it for dessert.

It was a great bbq. My favorite part was looking at Blake's photos & hearing about his trip. It was so exciting.

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