Wednesday, June 18, 2008


How does one keep their house smelling clean with two large, stinky dogs living in it? The answer is: you don't.

We are petsitting and now have 2 stinky dogs inside the house (instead of the usual 1). The dogs are slobbering on each other (yuck) and one of the boys (Jack) is piddling around the house. I am cleaning his messes with white vinegar, so now the house is reeking big time. Jack & I had a talk about where was acceptable spot to have an accident and where was not acceptable. He seems to be confused about the instructions - as he is piddling where I specifically told him not to. Sigh.

This is how I am dealing with the odor in the house today:

"forest" and "grapefruit" scented candles

Papaya Mango air freshener
Some of my best friends right now.
My other best friend.

The culprits who are in desperate need of a bath.

Our house guest Jack (aka "piddling boy").


Anonymous said...

Wow had a 'talk' with Jack? Haha [:

erinz said...

Yes, but since I don't speak Hungarian, he obviously didn't understand. :)

Anonymous said...

they dont speak hungarian, they speak dog.